Site Selection

Finding the right site can be one of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of the building process.  Capstone Construction has the capability to help you in finding the site that meets both your long term and immediate needs.

Whether you are purchasing new land for a large scale development, or planning a simple interior remodel, we can help you determine construction costs, site feasibility, and help you uncover any potential pitfalls of a project long before they arrive.




At Capstone, we believe the pre-construction phase of a project is just as critical as the construction phase.  Our approach to pre-construction is to provide the owner, architect, and construction team with accurate information in order to make well informed decisions regarding the project's schedule, cost, and any areas of concern.

Our pre-construction service includes site feasibility, design coordination, value engineering, cost estimating, and permit and utility coordination.




Capstone Construction offers a variety of project delivery systems to match the needs of your business. Each available building process offers its own unique advantages, options, and direct levels of involvement by the owner, allowing us to design the project around your needs.